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WetRentals Introduction to Investment


Welcome to WetRentals, the ultimate platform for boat and adventure rentals! At WetRentals, we're passionate about making it easier and more affordable for people to experience the thrill of the open water. Our online marketplace connects boat owners with renters, so everyone can enjoy the freedom of the sea.

The Global Market

The Market Opportunity:

Boating is a popular pastime around the world, and it's only growing in popularity. With the rise of vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, there's been a surge in demand for alternative accommodations, including boats. According to industry research, the global boat rental market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2026. By offering a seamless and secure rental experience through WetRentals, we're poised to capture a significant share of this market.

Wetentals Business Model

Our Business Model:

At WetRentals, we operate on a commission-based business model. We take a percentage of each rental transaction, which allows us to generate revenue while also providing value to our customers. By charging a commission rather than a subscription fee, we're able to align our interests with those of our customers and ensure that we're only making money when they do.

WetRentals Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive Advantage:

What sets WetRentals apart from other boat rental platforms is our focus on adventure. We don't just offer boats; we offer a wide range of adventure rentals, from paddleboards and kayaks to jet skis and even houseboats. We're committed to providing a one-stop-shop for all your aquatic adventure needs.

In addition, we prioritize safety and security for both our renters and boat owners. Our platform includes thorough vetting of all boat owners and requires them to carry appropriate insurance. We also offer renters the option to purchase additional insurance for added peace of mind.

Finally, we provide exceptional customer service and support to ensure that each rental experience is seamless and enjoyable. Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance.

Wetentals Growth

Growth Strategy:

We have an ambitious growth strategy in place that includes expanding our reach to new markets, investing in technology to improve the rental experience, and forming strategic partnerships with boat manufacturers and tourism boards. With these initiatives, we aim to become the go-to platform for boat and adventure rentals worldwide.

Invest In WetRentals

Investment Opportunity:

WetRentals is currently seeking investment to fuel our growth and expansion plans. As a leading player in the growing boat rental market, we offer a unique opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of an exciting and innovative company. With a proven business model, a passionate team, and a clear growth strategy, WetRentals is poised for success in the years to come.

Lets Talk Numbers:

At WetRentals, we're committed to providing our investors with transparent and accurate financial information. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of startups, these insights allow you to make an informed decision about investing in WetRentals. Take a deep dive into our financials and see for yourself why WetRentals is a smart investment choice.


$30,000. 2 Boats


$52,874.76. 2 Boats


$133,833.88. 187 Boats.


Projected $570,000 - 5000+ Boats


Projected $1.3m - 10,000 Boats


At WetRentals, we're committed to providing a seamless and convenient rental experience for both boat owners and renters. That's why we offer a range of integrations with leading third-party services to enhance the functionality of our platform. These integrations include:

WetRentals x Fareharbor


Our seamless integration with Fareharbor ensures your availability and bookings are always up to date.

WetRentals x Rezdy


Our seamless integration with Rezdy ensures your availability and bookings are always up to date.

WetRentals x Let's Book

Let's Book

Our seamless integration with Let's Book ensures your availability and bookings are always up to date.

WetRentals x The Flybook

The Flybook

Our seamless integration with the Flybook ensures your availability and bookings are always up to date.

WetRentals x Checkfront


Our seamless integration with the Checkfront ensures your availability and bookings are always up to date.

WetRentals Facts:

At WetRentals, we're passionate about making it easy and affordable for people to experience the thrill of the open water. Here are some key facts about our platform: p.s Facts as of April 20th 2023

Current Listings




Monthly Website Hits


100% Booking/ Year

$ 162,057,262.50

100% Booking/ Year Profit


Monthly Unique Visitors




Average Customer Spend


Transaction Disputes


Average Listing Price



WetRentals is evaluated at $1,310,000 based on a 10x multiplier with a 0% growth rate. We wanted to provide a fair evaluation for our investors. Our current listing growth from 2022 to 2023 is 10,000x.

WetRentals has a total of 131 million issued shares, which are intended to remain unaffected by the series A funding. Each share is valued at $0.01. As part of the fundraising efforts, WetRentals is offering 10 million shares to prospective investors at a discounted price of $0.005 per share. These shares will be subject to a 12-month lock-in period after the investment is made.

No minimum or maximum investment. Share certificates will be issues by WetRentals and logged with our bank (CIBC) as well as Corporations Canada. Share prices will be updated and tracked through Shareworks.

Questions? Email invest@wetrentals.com